Club Fest Exquisite Corpse

Thanks to all of you that came out to NYU Clubfest!

We’re all super psyched about the year to come and can’t wait to get acquainted with all of you and your work!

We had a little exquisite corpse running throughout the day and we’d like to share it with you! For those unfamiliar with the exquisite corpse, it is basically an ongoing collaborative story. Everyone writes one sentence and greatness emerges! In true headless fashion, this is unedited; punctuation and capitalization are exactly how they appear on the page! So without further ado, Clubfest exquisite corpse:


Rising off the ground like rootless flowers,

legless chairs scraped along a dirt road

inspired by the Bread.

We all take root in the comfort of a homecooked meal

but nothing could replace the legs they had lost

our arms are expendable

to reach out and touch the undefinable universe.

rain or shine. These legs were meant for walking.

But an earth-bound body can’t stop my movement.

But I need my head!

A pocketful of dreams

ThAT Even A MAN From NanTuckeT couldn’t bear.

my heart flutters to this day when I see

a bug crawling my way

A man without his senses writes without distractions

unless a lady walks by who sparks his attraction

Franz Kafka.

and then she said…not there!!

The grace slid from her face like a mudslide off a cliff.

Her legs slid from her body like an avalanche


Thanks for getting Headless with us! We hope to see you all at our first meeting (Tuesday, September 13th at 8pm in Kimmel 805).


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