Prompt 09/13/2011: Destroy/Rebuild (Now With Pictures!)

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming out this past Tuesday to get Headless with us. We’re super psyched for this semester! Sorry for the confusion and the moving rooms. We weren’t expecting so many awesome writers, but we’re glad you showed up! For those of you who missed the meeting or want a recap, here’s what we did:

You will need: pen, paper, a book you ain’t too sentimental about, A group if possible, A timer.

(The 48-cent rack at the Strand is a great place to get your props for this prompt if you are NYC based.)

Obtain the book. It should have a manageable number of words per page.

Six minutes to black out the chosen page with your pen. Destroy without concern. Burn your bridges without looking back. Save only the words that are worthy.

Time! Pass your sheets if you’re doing this with friends. Counterclockwise three times is solid.

Now twelve minutes to use the blackout poem you have received as inspiration for something new and transcendent. If you want to use those words, great wonderful awesome. If it just makes you think of something crazy and cool, hey that works too.

Time! Good work!

Think about just how many disposable words are available to you. And think about the awesome things you can do with them when you view them as the building blocks that they are.

Hey and also, if you want to keep playing with redactive poetry (a trend which is alive and kickin and, well, super trendy right now), check this radical and mega fun shit out:

Prez Maya
We hope to see everyone back next meeting. Our beloved Secretary, Kirsten will be running an equally awesome prompt. She’s the adorable Texan with the corkscrew curls!

So many wonderful new faces!

Listen up!


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