Prompt 09/28/2011: Art of the Opposite

What You’ll Need: An awesome sentence and proximity to a CRAZY art piece (either in the flesh or on a slide).
This prompt is a little strenuous, so warm yourself up with a Headless favorite. Start playing opposite game! Select a sentence from any literature you have lying around and write the opposite of it in one minute (Frank O’Hara’s ekphrastic poems and smutty fan fiction are equally good sources for fun sentences). Once you have the opposite, write the opposite of your (or a friend’s) opposite. Do this about five times or until your pen is feeling limber.

When you’re ready, give this a click!

Now confront the work of art. You could simply write in response to the work, but that would be too easy. Challenge yourself to write the opposite of what you see, whatever that means to you. You have seventeen minutes. Remember to stay Headless!
Showed up on Tuesday but still can’t get enough? Here are the crazy art piece semifinalists that didn’t quite make it to the meeting but would still be great for this prompt:

Second Place, Third Place, Honorable Mention

Pro Tip: Try this prompt at the Met, the MoMA, the New Museum or any of New York’s other wonderful museums and galleries. It’s easier to get Headless when you’re up close and personal.

If you’re interested in ekphrasis and want to learn more/see some examples, take a look at Rilke, O’Hara, or NYU’s own Rachel Zucker.
Happy Writing!

Some photos from the meeting:


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