Prompt 10/18/2011: Making a Nightmare

You Will Need: Some creepy tunes (and some not so creepy ones), courage, and something to write with/on.

Click Here to set yourself in a dark mood.  Throughout the prompt think about the noises that you hear and let them inspire you.

Take a minute to think of something that scares you most in life. It can be an animal, a place, a situation, or basically anything.

Now think of a person that scares you most. It can real or imaginary, or not human at all (such as Jason, Freddy Krueger, Dick Cheney, etc.)

I will give you 15 minutes to write a nightmare combining the “something that scares you most” with “someone that scares you most”. During the 15 minutes, you will hear music, but there will be no give warning. It might have something to do with scary things or might be completely random. It is meant to inspire to take your writing in a new direction (as if you would randomly hear this while you were still sleeping).

You may begin!

After 5 minutes click here!

After 7 minutes click here!

When time is almost up, click here and finish up your sentence!

That’s your alarm clock, wake up!


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