Prompt 10/25/2011: A Bit Obsessed

What you’ll need: A sheet or two of poster paper/board, one or more markers and a timer.

[ This prompt is ideal for a large group. ]
First, you want to start a discussion of what IS obsession, in order to start thinking about what differentiates obsession from just like or even love.

Then, using your handy-dandy poster and marker(s), create a list of obsessions – whether they be neuroses or things that you love to no end. Get as many as possible. Think celebrities/people, foods, websites, books, etc (at least to get you started).

Then, pick one that is NOT an obsession of yours (or even something you mildly dislike). Then write about it, from the perspective of someone who is obsessed with the noun you chose.
(This is why a group setting would be better – you would probably get some more ideas that you would never really even consider, e.g. Kirsten’s hair or fundamentalist Mormons or monocles).
The other catch is that you cannot name it. Ideally, you don’t want it to be too obvious, but that’s up to you.
You have 15 minutes.



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