Prompt 11/1/2011: Building Character

What You’ll Need:

2 notecards
2 bags
What You’ll Do:
Prep (20 minutes)
Consider what forms a character. Things to think about: What makes a character unique? What is the essence of someone’s character? How is character formed over a life? How does character shape experience, communication, understanding? Discuss.
On one notecard, write a sketch of a character. This character can be from your life or imagination or a mix of both. Include details such as age, sex, location, recurring thoughts, ideas of fun, biggest fears, or whatever your have decided is essential to a character. Place in a bag with all the other character sketches.
On the second notecard, write down an experience in your life that developed your own character. Place in a bag with all the other experiences.
Mix well, pass around, choose at random one notecard from each bag.
Prompt (15 minutes)
Read your new notecards. Write about your notecard-experience from your notecard-character’s perspective for 15 minutes. Share.

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