Prompt 11/8/2011: Retro Headless

We were very fortunate to have our fearless founder Rachel Broderick and Headless demigoddess Sophia Treanor run a prompt. They’re also the forerunners of our sister institution, Our Ladies! Check them out at this website: Also send some donations their way and show up to their November showcase!

Without further ado, the prompt:

People enter the room to find all tables and chairs overturned and scattered, Sophia and Rachel wearing pants on their arms and shirts on their legs. Otherwise, they’re acting normal, making small talk, and telling people NOT to right any of the furniture.
Warmup: No discussion, just writing, 5 solid minutes, never removing pen from paper–the challenge? You must write a piece that begins with this phrase: “You can’t help yourself”
Discussion: How’d the writing go? What was your first instinct when you came into the room tonight? What were your feelings about what you saw? Did you want to do anything? Were you annoyed? Today’s headless-inducer is the feeling WILD, so let’s start at the beginning. What is “wild”? What is it to you?
Discussion phases seemlessly into a quasi-performance (Rachel telling the story of locking herself in her bedroom last week and having to walk across a sinking aluminum roof to escape after viciously smashing off her doorknob with a hammer, Sophia embodying the emotions of the story and potentially disrupting Rachel’s narrative through physical irritation, leading to a frustrated culmination of the story that phases naturally into THE PROMPT)
THE PROMPT: 20 minutes to write a piece inspired by WILD. Any form, any style, but must be freewritten, ie, without pause or removal of pen from paper. Discussion and sharing to follow.



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