Prompt 2/28/2012: (Non)Humanly Possible

What you’ll need: a couple of other people or pictures of people or just yourself; something to write with.

1) Discuss (if there are other people) or brainstorm (if it’s just you) what it means to be human v. non-human. What characteristics or qualities differentiate humans from, say, really smart dolphins, humanoid robots with artificial intelligence, or aliens?

2) For 5 minutes, write a portrait of either someone in your group, a person in a photo you have handy, or yourself as a non-human. If in a group, have everyone read all (or one sentence) of their portrait, focusing on the non-human aspects of their character.

3) For 15 minutes, write a piece containing at least one non-human character. Stealing others’ non-human characters is fine, continuing with your own character is dandy, and fusing other people’s non-human qualities together is highly encouraged.


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