Prompt 3/6/2012: The (Adjective) (Plural noun) Prompt

What you’ll need: Two different colored markers, a large poster board, a climactic scene from a well-known story, and a love of Mad Libs.

Step 1: Create your Mad Libs: Scan through your chosen climactic scene, finding and removing words that the fate of the story rests upon (or that just have the potential to make things very silly if changed).

Step 2: Let the madness begin! Turn the poster board away from your group of mad-libbers. Ask your group for nouns, adjectives, violent verbs, dance moves in the present progressive tense, internal organs—whatever seems fit for the word you are replacing. Read aloud dramatically when finished.

Step 3: Now create a Reverse Mad Libs! Take fifteen minutes to write using the words your group came up with as inspiration. Use as many of these as you want, in whatever way you want; go mad!


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