Prompt 9/25/12: Bag Full of Memories

What You Will Need: Memories, Bag of Happiness, Bag of Sadness, paper, pen. If you don’t have the Bag of Happiness or Bag of Sadness, ordinary bags will suffice.

1. Take two minutes to write about a sad memory from your life. Don’t focus so much on telling the story as on getting immediate, sensory details down. Put that memory in the Bag of Sadness, get friends/enemies/strangers to do the same.

2. Same thing, but with a happy memory, for the Bag of Happiness.

3. Run off with bags of stolen memories, take over Fantasia (optional but highly recommended).

4. Take one memory from each bag. Take twenty minutes to write an original piece that incorporates aspects of both. Try not to use the actual events so much as the details that your memory givers provided. Don’t use your own memories for this.


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