Prompt 10/2/12: Spicy Archetypes

Step 1:
Brainstorm about 5 typical characteristics for each of the 5
archetypes. Can be physical (e.g. always wears a cape), situational
(always falls in love with protagonist), or a personality trait
(always funny).

For example:

-manic pixie dream girl
-wise mentor
-evil overlord
-goofy sidekick

Alternative Step 1:
Use our characteristics if you don’t want to brainstorm your own.
(Insert pic)

Step 2:
Take 20 minutes to write a piece starring one (or more, if you’re
ambitious!) of these archetypes. Except, make them fresh and
dynamic–you must write the character without any of the listed
defining characteristics. Make the archetype your own while
maintaining its essence.


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