Prompt 10/9/12: Back to Back

“At the north, the stream from the lake formed by the lava dam has worn away both the lava and the country-rock, forming a gorge through which the lake has been drained. The bed of the lake is now occupied by a swamp, formed of the fine alluvium previously brought down by the stream and its tributaries from the higher land, and allowed to settle in the quiet waters of the lake. Observe the complicated winding of the stream in this swamp.

In the meantime the young volcano has outgrown its predecessor and attained a large size. It has been recently active, as is shown by the smooth outline of the crater. Contrast this with the other crater, long since extinct.

This volcano has thrown out two sets of lavas. The older, which lies nearer to the cone, has flowed down into the valley of the river to the east, and dammed it up so as to form the northern of the two small lakes. Afterwards the upper part of the stream became covered with volcanic ashes, its outlines remaining still visible through the covering.”

Step 1: Listen to the above passage while sitting back to back with a partner. Write for ten minutes.

Step 2: Listen to this again, sitting alone. Write for ten minutes.

The most important thing is the experience of writing in such physical proximity to somebody else. Feel their body against your own, and then their absence.


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