Prompt 3/5/13: Yoga for Writers

Ever have writer’s block? We share your pain. Some days writing feels utterly impossible! But, compared to the hefty, Sisyphean weight of living each day when you’d much rather crawl back into bed and go back to sleep, writing is the easiest thing in the world! During a yoga class the yogi once said to me, “my friend gave birth in her car. Eagle pose? Piece of cake. Baby crowning in your Audi? That’s life; that’s hard.”

Close your eyes (after you finish reading this) and find some inner peace; like yoga for your inner writer. Think about the things that make it worth getting up in the morning, tv shows, books, experiences, revel in the things about them that you like and (with those happy influences in mind) WRITE! Twenty minutes, go!

Finish off the session by holding the hands of the people next to you. Writing can feel very lonely and it’s easy to forget that there are people around you who understand, support, and love you. Hold them close and hold them tight for a moment… stand tall… take a deep breath, drawing on their strength… and let them go.


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