Prompt 9/18/12: Smells Like Headless Spirit

Ever tire of elegant ladies who smell of jasmine or bums who reek of human filth? Us too (what does jasmine even smell like?) The purpose of this prompt is to look at details from a different angle… as well as smell, hear, touch, and taste them. 1) Warm-up: take five minutes to write about … Continue reading

PROPMT 9/11/2012: Unceremonious

1. Stop being married to your work. A little outside intervention can lead to some great inventions. Paradoxically, a classic wedding cliché could hold the secrets. 2. Gather some of your past work and the past work of a friend (or of your favorite writer). 3. Start writing. Include something old (a line or theme … Continue reading

Prompt 3/6/2012: The (Adjective) (Plural noun) Prompt

What you’ll need: Two different colored markers, a large poster board, a climactic scene from a well-known story, and a love of Mad Libs. Step 1: Create your Mad Libs: Scan through your chosen climactic scene, finding and removing words that the fate of the story rests upon (or that just have the potential to … Continue reading

Prompt 2/28/2012: (Non)Humanly Possible

What you’ll need: a couple of other people or pictures of people or just yourself; something to write with. 1) Discuss (if there are other people) or brainstorm (if it’s just you) what it means to be human v. non-human. What characteristics or qualities differentiate humans from, say, really smart dolphins, humanoid robots with artificial … Continue reading

Prompt 2/21/2012: Blended Binary

What you’ll need: list-making materials some stereotypes about gender + sexuality Step 1: think of some stereotypes you’ve heard about certain genders or sexual orientations. e.g. “women are bad drivers,” “women hate having sex,” “men hate showing emotion,” “gay men have limp wrists,” etc. OR: refer to this list! Step 2: With these stereotypes in … Continue reading

Prompt 2/14/2012: Love is Awesome

What you’ll need:memories of unrequited lovesomething to write with Step 1:In 5 minutes, tell a story of unrequited love. Tell the story from your own life if you can, make one up if not. Step 2:Make a list of the most awesome things ever. Get some friends to add to your list if they’re handy. … Continue reading

Prompt 2/7/2012: Time and Place

What you’ll need: A favorite place and some imagination Step 1: Write down three different moments in time.  Be as specific or as general as you like (the 60’s; September 7th, 1991, 5:06 AM; 3011 CE, The Jurassic Period; etc.).  If working with a group, feel free to pass your times around to get a … Continue reading

Prompt 1/31/2012: Three Stories

What you’ll need: Some awesome stories list-making materials Step 1. Get some friends to tell some badass personal stories or, if you want, use a blog, a book, a comic strip or something else. Step 2. Take notes on the stories, mostly the major salient buzzwords. Step 3. Choose 5-10 of those word/phrases (non-adjacent) and … Continue reading

Meet and Greet: 1/24/2012

Headless is back for the New Year! Since we couldn’t wait another week to catch up (and meet some of the new faces), we held an informal meeting and got an impromptu collaborative opposite game going. We hope to see all of you at the first official meeting this Tuesday, January 31st. I can’t think … Continue reading

Prompt 11/15/2011: Scene of the Crime

OPENING You are detectives. You’re called to a crime scene at an NYU dorm. A student has been murdered. Who would you need to talk to? What would you need to look for? How would you synthesize that information? Pick one: 1,2,3,4 Write the movie that surrounds the image before you. 15 minutes. FOLLOW UP … Continue reading